Monday, June 11, 2007

BUPA test

Ok, so I did this. Figured I was a blue triangle. Turns out I'm a pink square, but that's okay. For the most part this is pretty true of me.

The results suggest you are a Pink Square.When asked to name their shape squares are often reluctant to select the square as their symbol. However, they invariably recognise themselves in the description of a square.Squares like order; they are organised, logical, analytical and task-orientated. You have a high degree of perfectionism, but you are also sure-footed and self-confident. When you are given a job to do you will always see it through to its conclusion.As your shape suggests, you are straightforward and honest; you can be trusted both at work and at play. You are loyal and dependable, and always a committed friend and partner. You probably find that people come to you for help, particularly on a practical rather than an emotional level.Squares tend to be left-brained, tactical thinkers. You make notes and lists, but often get bogged down by too much information and this hampers your ability to make decisions. In life, you are invariably striving towards something quite specific and you might have more fun if you could manage a bit more spontaneity. Try taking a few risks and make some spur of the moment decisions. You could be surprised how much fun you’ll have – particularly if your partner is a triangle or a squiggle.Your colour is pink. Traditionally the colour of femininity, pink denotes a sensitive, caring side to your personality and really gives a softer edge to the square personality. Even if you don’t always show it, you are deeply caring and – even if you don’t normally let it show – you can be very sensual. This spills over into your attitude to your health and wellbeing; you make sure you stay well so that you are there for those around you.Celebrity squares include Daniel Craig, Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Philip Schofield and Richard Madeley.

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