Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WINNER and Back with a Vengeance

I had a FABULOUS week off. My inlaws were in town and I laid pretty low...checked e-mail now and then, read a few books on my TBR shelf, hit the zoo, played cards... Now it's time to diet, detox and get back to it!

MANY HUGE THANKS to my guest bloggers who posted during the week. And honestly, I didn't pay them a red cent. They were so very sweet. :-) Michelle is right about finding the right combination for CP's - one of the reasons I believe we've lasted so long is that we know that any criticism is coming from a desire for success. And we do work much the same way schedule wise and it makes it SO much easier!

Trish, you are too cute. I will definitely agree that the people I've met online have made this whole writing gig so much better. And how adorable are you with your snorsies? Hmmm?

Kris - one of these days I get to be the evil twin. She is right though...we'll frequently be on messenger and we'll type the same thing to each other at the same time. (Cue twilight zone music). Kris is one cool babe.

And the newest of my friends...Diane - thanks for coming and posting...chick lit and mystery...not sure if I could swing that but I could totally relate to your structuring worries. I'm currently half-way through Diane's Never The Same and it's such a cool premise for a story!!!!

Soooo.....here's what's new. I drew the winner of my Newsletter contest this morning and a huge congrats to Suzanne Munn of Fredericton, New Brunswick!!!!!!! I zipped out to the garage, told my husband to pick a number and came back inside to see who the lucky winner was! Suzanne works with a dear friend of mine so I'm doubly pleased for her. Copies of Hired By The Cowboy and Teresa Southwick's The Sheik's Contract Bride will be in the mail later this week!

Also while I was "vacationing", HBTC was reviewed at All About Romance. Renowned for being tough on category, I was beyond thrilled to receive a B! The reviewer said this:

"Maybe I’ve read one too many erotic tales, or encountered too many alpha heroes, but I was totally taken in by this sweet, romantic tale. It’s kind of like a fairy tale for adults, and there are times when we need them. Hired By The Cowboy Donna Alward’s first book and she makes a strong debut. If you love sweet stories, this is exactly the book for you."

Despite the preponderance of the word "sweet" throughout the review (and the fact that apparently HBTC is as "endearing as a basket of fluffy kittens"...I am simply pleased that she liked the book and found it a breath of fresh air. Seeing as the Romance line is a blend of the old Silhouette Romances and the Harlequin Romances, a sweet fairy tale is right on the money. The whole review is available HERE.

Also congratulations to Nell Dixon who won the RNA Romance Prize last Friday at the Savoy in London. Marrying Max was, I believe, the only non-Harlequin Mills and Boon entry. Hooray for Nell....and fingers crossed she joins the M&B family soon!

Now....keep checking back, because Michelle Willingham, Natalie Anderson and myself will be drawing for the winners of our Mother's Day contest very shortly!

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  1. Welcome back, Donna! I just read your review. What a wonderful review and congrats on it. I have to get this book to read.