Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where in the World is Donna Alward?

No, it's not Carmen Sandiego. (Note: that might not be the right spelling) But I am flitting around a bit so this is where you can find me.

Today I'm guest blogging at The Pink Heart Society about Heroes in Uniform...and there are pictures so don't miss it.

Tomorrow, if any of you are in small town central Alberta (ok, I know the chances of that are minimal) I'm at the Sundre Public Library doing a talk on The 4 D's of Achieving Your Dream and then signing Hired By The Cowboy.

And starting next week, there's a read with the hosty event happening on eharlequin, so if you've read Hired By The Cowboy, come on over when I post the link and join the discussion!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun when I should have been writing. I had a brainstorming session with Trish that was such a hoot and I don't consider it slacking off because brainstorming exercises my brain so much....I love asking the what if questions! It's especially not stressful when it's not MY book that we're brainstorming about, LOL.

Now I'm off AGAIN for 2 school runs this morning.

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