Monday, May 14, 2007

The Weekend

I had a good but busy weekend. I sent FFtM on Friday and vegged in a big way on Friday night. Saturday I cleaned out my flower bed, trimmed the hedge, finished the laundry, and got our trailer ready for camping season. Only we had some "issues" so it also meant a trip to the RV dealer and then to the grocery store.

I looked a fright- a pair of work-out capris and a ratty t-shirt and a ball cap. But I thought I'd check out the book section to see if HBTC was up.

They were all gone. But there was a dedicated romance reader in the section and we chatted quite a while....she honestly knows more about other lines/authors/industry than I do!! She was absolutely lovely and asked for my information. I gave her a card and also the names of other H/S authors in the area. :-)

Saturday night I watched "The Breakup" and had wine. And while I appreciated the ending of the movie, I really really wanted the happy ending. I suppose that was the point. LOL

Yesterday I found out where the grocery store copies had gone - a friend in the choir had gone in and bought THEM ALL. LOL I puttered in the afternoon. Mother's Day was low key but nice- I had breakfast in bed and then my girls brought me a bag with a pair of crocs inside. My feet were happy!

And I had two calls from family last night that had read HBTC. I jokingly said I was taking fan calls between the hours of 7 and 8:30 on Sunday nights. LOL.

Anyway today is back to the grind- little jobs that need to be done, a visit from my financial planner and possibly even some prelim work on my next romance.

And I'm thinking I'd better sign off because this was probably a REALLY boring blog post. :-)

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  1. It sounds like you did have a great weekend, better than mine. I worked all weekend.

    Take care.

    Much Love Always,
    Rose Marie Wolf