Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last night I went to Sundre, the town where I set HIRED BY THE COWBOY and MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M, to speak at the library.

The weather's been fantastic, and the drive between the town of Olds and Sundre in particular is so beautiful. It's ranch land, gas land, stunning rolling hills and grass so green it hurts (at least at this time of year). Fields of cattle and horses, calves and foals scampering about. And just before you get to Sundre you hit the top of a hill and it's like seeing ribbons....charcoal gray for the hills ahead, a lighter stripe for the foothills and a pearly, hazy top which is the Rockies.

It felt like going home. Which is odd because I never lived there, but I visited so many times and I've spent so much time in my head at the fictional Windover, that it simply felt GOOD.

Their new library is bright and spacious and a treat. We set up in the romance area, complete with rug, sofa, love seat and coffee table. It's a small town so it was a small group, and after I gave an intro, I launched into what I'd prepared which went well.

But the real fun began after I finished and we sat around and gabbed. What a fun bunch. It really reminded me about all that is good about a small town. I shared the story about how I first discovered Sundre, being that I was looking for solar fleece sheets and none were to be found in Calgary, so my sister in law suggested I try V&S (a small town department store chain). We found a V&S listed for Sundre and away we went! LOL. We talked about writing and plotting and livestock incidents, had our picture taken for the local paper, and I signed books. Little did I know that I was sitting in a room full of writers....what a treat it was.

The only worry was hoping I did their area justice in my books and that they won't read it and think, huh???? LOL I wrote it as I remembered and, well, it IS fiction. :-)

I drove home with the full moon rising over my left shoulder and the setting sun just beyond my right.

So thanks to Wendy and Sandra for being such wonderful hosts and for the lovely women who attended and made it such a great time. I know it won't be long and I'll be back there again for one reason or another...and I did promise to donate a hardback of Marriage at Circle M for their stacks. That's a good excuse, right?


  1. I've been meaning to come and check out your site so here I am. I am the blonde gal from your Sundre talk. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your talk and that you answered our questions open and honest. I am in the midst of writing my first chapter and trying to make it just right. After all if your beginning sucks nobody is going to read it. I read your book and really enjoyed it. I like to have some fluff (meant in a good way) to read at nights. A nice light read is so nice after having to read for school etc. My mom(who was also present in Sundre) recently submitted her first story to a magazine. I think it was a good thing bringing her to your talk it really inspired her too. I am rambling but must run. I'm trying to get that first chapter off and running. Thank you and I'll be back.

  2. Hey you!

    I'm glad you finally made it here. And tell your mum congratulations. I had such fun talking to you both.

    Fluff, as you say, is a treat. And that's why I write Romance. The world is stressful enough. Sometimes we need to just CHILL and enjoy, you know?

    And guess what. Your goodies and Marriage at Circle M is in an envelope ready for mailing to the library. In a week or so check with the girls and see if it's on the shelf yet!