Thursday, May 10, 2007

Second Drafts

I've just finished the second draft of Falling for the Marshal. I still have to polish tomorrow, but the edits are done and I've also written up the synopsis.

I didn't realize when I agreed to do the Q&A on eharlequin on second drafts that I'd be doing a second draft myself that same week. Kinda funny how things like that work out. Doing the Q&A I hope has been helpful to those that have popped in, I know it was a bit scary posting some of my "mistakes" but when you're trying to get published I think it's comforting to know that even pubbed authors make mistakes, get heavy revisions, struggle. I know I appreciated every scrap of help I received especially on eharl so if some of my ramblings make sense to anyone I'm happy to do it.

The theme for the month is "Secrets and Lies" and I wasn't sure how "Second Draft to Sale" fit in to that, but you know I think part of it is demystifying the whole editing and revision process so people don't panic, especially the first time they get a revision request.

ANYWAY, Falling for the Marshal is going in tomorrow, I got called in to the old day job again today so I'm off to work and then next week, barring anything popping up, I'm going to get caught up with the house and garden. :-) I have given myself permission to not start a new story until June 4. That's basically the end of launch month and a lot of commitments and I will start fresh. Can't make any promises though. You can't keep a writer down for long. :-)


  1. You may think they are ramblings but what you have posted has been very helpful. I always thought the editors just made you re-write the whole book from beginnging to end. From now on I'll think of revisions as tweaks to the original story.

  2. Your sharing is very helpful. I'm getting it in sporadic fits but I'm getting it.

    Enjoy the rest of the month!