Monday, May 14, 2007

P.S...Me and Mrs. Jones...we got a Thing Goin On

I had a few errands to run this morning and ended up face to face with Michael Buble's latest cd. Should I or shouldn't I, I debated.

I did. Because one of the tracks is "Me and Mrs. Jones."

Jones is my maiden name. And in high school I had a wonderful, wonderful music and band teacher. His name is Hugh Kennedy and everyone loved him. He was kooky, occasionally had small fits of temper, lol, but for the most part made everyone want to play their best for him (oh Lord, now I'm channeling the Little Drummer Boy).

Anyway, often I'd go down the narrow, yucky music dept hallway and he'd stand in his office door and sing "Me and Mrs. Jones". I would make a face and blush but secretly I loved it. It made me feel special. And I think of him every time I hear it.

So buy the CD I did. As well as remembering some really great things about high school and how much joy music actually gives me. And how much a band teacher in Fredericton, NB influences me even today. Thanks, Mr. K.

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  1. The very first record I ever purchased--I think I was in 4th grade--was ME & MRS. JONES. Needless to say, my father was less than thrilled. But what did I know?

    I'd saved my pennies, gone to the local record shop and asked for advice, wanting to purchase something in the Top 10. This was the record recommeneded so I bought it. 45 rpm. I played it over and over, learning every word.

    Even now, when I hear that song, I remember the thrill of buying my first record all by myself. And the horror my parents must have experienced over the subject matter. To their credit, they didn't confiscate nor ban it.