Thursday, May 17, 2007

A new WIP!

I'm getting really excited now. I set up an empty word count meter for the new WIP and I've picked a suitably buzz-wordish working title - The Italian's Surprise Proposal. Which will probably change once I get going but oh well.

I did my character sheets this morning and it was SO much fun. With the focus on internal conflict, I really let loose and tried to get to what makes these characters tick. And let me just hero is scrumptious and he is going to drive the heroine crazy. He's going to threaten everything she believes and tries to accomplish whilst being charm and gorgeousness itself....or at least that's the hope.

The hard part was finding casting and maybe I don't need to do it but it grounds me when I start. As things go on, my vision sometimes gets tweaked. And it should because they take on lives of their own.

For a heroine I wanted someone pretty, dainty, someone I could make uptight and rigid at the beginning and then blossom at the end. I ended up with Rebecca Herbst from General Hospital. This picture encapsulates the whole "blossom" idea:

Then there was my Italian. Coincidentally, this guy ISN'T Italian but the look is right. I wanted someone who is fun, who really knows how to enjoy life...but who is also focused and works hard, a real competitor.

If any of you watch the US Dancing with the Stars, you'll recognize Maksim. I love watching him dance because it really looks like he does it for the love of it and that's something I needed in my hero.

It's a long weekend here so I won't start any writing until Tuesday of next week, but I don't remember when I was so primed to start a new story. I'm falling for the characters already, and can't wait to see them fall in love.


  1. Just started a new wip myself. Isn't it grand? Of course, you have the benefit of knowing what means to get to the end, submit it, get acceptance, and see the published product. But I understand fears of whether one could do it all again. You can and you will!

    As for me, one can dream. And write.

    I'm going on a hunt for my copy of HBTC this weekend since my first attempt failed.

  2. Found it! Got a copy of HBTC over the weekend at Wal-mart. Started it this morning. Read the synopsis already so now I plan to read it, then go back and see how the synopsis connects with the story. Thanks for sharing with us, reader/writers.

  3. Patricia...happy you found a copy! And yes, I love starting a new story. Everything is fresh and new and exciting.

  4. Donna,

    I like the idea of choosing photos to help visualize characters. Love the pic of your new heroine. Simply gorgeous! Where do you find your pix, and how do you decide which ones to use?



    P.S. Loved HBTC!

  5. Mary...I'm so pleased you enjoyed HBTC.

    I have an idea of what my character looks like. But more...what they are like inside. For Luca, I needed someone who could pass for Italian, the right age, but what I love about watching Maksim is that his love for what he does is so obvious. He has fun. He's a perfectionist but ultimately he loves what he does and it shines from him. This is a necessary quality for my hero. Then I look at a selection of pics and hit the "Aha!" moment. I have one of him in a suit too that will fit perfectly for the classier, more serious moments.

    I had a hard time with the heroine, and I was looking through pictures of models trying to find one that worked. I saw one that resembled Rebecca Herbst and then googled HER, and found this picture. Sometimes you just know. It's a hard job, looking at prospective casting. ;-)

  6. Donna,

    Thank you for answering my question. I will do the same for my WIP.