Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Down Under and Facebook

First of all, I always just shrugged when someone mentioned facebook to me. But then yesterday one of my best friends said that another friend I'd gone to school with was wondering if I was on I signed up.

Why didn't I do this before?

Myspace is great for promotion I think but facebook is better for personal contact. Within moments I had four or five "friends" who are actually people I lost touch with over 15 years ago for the most part. It was fun catching up! And I really like how no one can view your profile unless they are your friend. I know I can set that up in myspace, but when that purpose is promotion, it's a little contradictory.

ANYWAY, onwards....

HIRED BY THE COWBOY is out in Australia and New Zealand, or so I'm told. It seems so funny to me to think that my book is all the way across the world in a bookstore. I think the cover is beautiful...essentially the same cover but with a different layout.

Today is another crazy day so I'd better get to it!


  1. Yeah, I'm on Facebook now, too. I had the same kind of trepidation as you, but it has a lot of neat features and I actually found one of my high school friends on there. :)

  2. I'm holding out re: the whole social networking thing. I'll jump in when I have a book to promote. Right now, it would just be one more thing that gets between me and THE END.