Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Big Launch!

Today is the official launch of HIRED BY THE COWBOY!

So...I'm putting together a newsletter that will go out this week outlining what's going on for me during this most exciting month!

I have yet to make it to a store to see if it's on the shelves, but that's coming soon and I promise to post pictures. Whether or not I'll be in them, I don't know, as I look like a basset hound - all floppy hair and droopy eyes from whatever virus it is I've got (it doesn't feel like a regular cold, but not like the flu either). But I will at the very least post a pic of the book! W000000T!

Stay tuned for "What's happening"...and the Q&A is going on all week at e-harlequin so don't be shy, come on over and visit!

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