Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back to work!

After camping on the long weekend and hardly even THINKING about work...I'm back. And I'm still excited about starting TISP which is a good sign.

Yesterday I spent the morning critiquing and doing laundry and checking messages, lol. But today I dug in and did some more prep work. I'm currently taking a break from synopsis writing...which will change as the book gets written. It's inevitable, but it does give me a road map and a reference to the motivations of my characters...what's going to drive them throughout the story. I had a second look at my character sheets and I did a little research...mostly finding a correct job title for my heroine, and getting some pictures that encapsulate what I'm going for as far as setting and atmosphere. It's not hard to work with - this one is set in Banff, heart of the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Can you imagine a more romantic place????

I'm also gratified that I have some imagery and themes that will work throughout the book, odds and ends that I liked and that suddenly I realized all meshed together. Fiori is Italian for flower, so I googled Italy's national flower. It's a white lily. My hero, Luca, has an heirloom ring featuring a lily...and it's also a part of the Fiori Resorts logo in my mind. But that's not all. My heroine is uptight, pressed and starched and black and white. All dollars and cents and staying in the black. But last week when I was putting my thoughts together I mentioned that Mariella was going to blossom in this story....that was before I ever even thought of the lily. Funny how things like that just happen and then simply seem to fit.

Then there was googling some of the local hotels for images I liked and didn't like....ones that made sense to the transformation of Fiori's Banff hotel...and I got the sudden urge to glam up, drive there, and drop a cool thousand just at the mention of some of the spa treatments. And the food...don't get me started on the exotic food. DROOOL.
This picture in particular made me think of the movie Titanic and the stairs leading to the dining room...maybe not as steep, but check out those railings. Not just opulence but class and romance....sigh.
Anyway now that the atmosphere is set in my mind, it's my job to keep it the back while my characters come to the fore. It's their story, after all. So now I'm off to finish up the initial synopsis so I can finally get to writing the blasted thing!

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