Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to Mr. and Mrs. and an expanded TBR pile

I read Shirley Jump's "Back to Mr. and Mrs." and absolutely loved it.

I bought it for several reasons. For one, we're shelf-mates this month, and the cover is stunning.

And this is Shirley Jump. 'Nuff said.

But the other reason is because I wanted to see how she handled a marriage in jeopardy hook. And boy, did she do a great job. I loved the characters, the conflict, the way they both grew, and then grew together as opposed to how they'd grown apart over the years. Marriage in jeopardy is tricky in a way...I mean how to you make new discoveries, make things fresh and exciting for a couple who has been there, done that, and is on the verge of checking out? The flip side is that there's history and emotion to draw upon....anyway well done Shirley! :-) Can't wait to read Carter's story next.

And Saturday before my signing I hit the church yard sale. I donated lots of stuff but they had tables...yes PLURAL...of books. Dangerous territory for me. Occupational hazard. In the end, I came home with some treasures. A Debbie Macomber, a Rosamunde Pilcher (yay!), 2 backlist Presents, a Judith McNaught, a huge Betty Neels (double yay!), a 3-in-1 Signature Select, and two Liz Fielding "Scarlets" my TBR pile has grown considerably.

I also found a treasure...a pair of navy, lacy, vintage 1930 pumps in excellent condition. They will not fit me...a bit small for my huge gorilla-sized feet, but I saw them and fell in love. I know there's a story in the shoes. And I thought of Liz Fielding and her purple shoes and I knew I had to have them. Got them for $10 and considered it a bargain.

Now I'm off to the lovely enjoyable job of critiquing for my CP in between loads of laundry and hopefully getting a few words of my own chapter 2 down.


  1. Shirley Jump's book cover is beautiful! I haven't read it but sounds great.

    I can't believe it - I've read books by Betty Neels and enjoyed them too. I knew you also liked Macomber and Spencer. I loved several of McNaught's books. I wish we lived closer, we could swap books. LOL Enjoy your stack of books.

  2. LOL Diane we do seem to have the same taste in authors!

  3. I saw Shirley Jump's book in Borders and decided I'll have to read it. Only I'll buy from Wal-mart. (Hey, even the pennies add up!) Have to hurry though, before the June books are up.

    Can't wait to see what kind of story comes out of the shoes!

  4. Thanks soo much for the kind words regarding the cover I created for this title. It's nice to know that my wok is appreciated by the readers of romance.