Saturday, April 21, 2007

Silver Linings

I've had a weird week...mostly just getting really tired and things piling up to the point where I need a calendar to keep it all straight. I had a minor meltdown this morning, then went to the dr to find out I have tendonitis in my elbow....yes, I've apparently been working too hard.

We're on course to get me fixed up...and I am taking a week off starting on Tuesday, but that means I have to work this weekend and I have a lot of little things to get tied short, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

But tonight before tackling THE END of the WIP, a friend IM'd me to say Congrats. Congrats for what, I replied.

I had no idea, but THE GIRL MOST LIKELY was nominated for Best First E-book for 2006 at Cataromance.

A lovely surprise, and as I said on one of the loops - the first thing I've ever been nominated for that wasn't a job no one wanted. LOL. I didn't win, but the fact that SOMEONE thought it was good enough to be included in the best of the year's debuts....that's good enough for me. :-)

Then...I checked in on e-harlequin. I've been a member of subcare since I started writing seriously in 2001. I was thrilled when people said they'd ordered HIRED BY THE COWBOY from e-harl's site (or the M&B site). But hearing them say nice things about does my heart good. Thank you to old friends...Penn, Jana, and Carol, and new friends Georgie and Tamelia who've been so supportive and absolutely lovely.

It just proves to me that it's all worth it, even during weeks like this when I feel wrung out.

Now...I'll be back on Monday, and then next week I have some fun stuff lined up...guest bloggers to entertain while I'm taking a break. I have no idea what they are going to blog about, but I KNOW it'll be stimulating!


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  1. Anonymous2:49 p.m.

    carolc said...

    You're welcome Donna, thanks most of all to you for writing such a fantastic novel which I adored. Can't wait to get my hands on your next one.

    Sorry about the health news, glad it's all on track to get sorted out. Enjoy your rest!