Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Leg Holsters and .45's

I've just spent a half hour getting completely frustrated looking for pictures. Because there is a shot, well several, actually, in THE UNIT's series premiere featuring Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert) in a long sleeve tee, jeans, and a leg holster.

This is HOT. I mean hot to the point of distraction.

Not only that, but how did I miss it the end of the show Bob (Scott Foley) comes home, also in jeans and with the holster on his thigh.

I don't know what it is about leg holsters. And it's not any leg holster. They show spectacularly well with jeans. I don't know what it is about military/law enforcement men that turns my crank either, but it's definitely turned.

My current hero is a US Marshal and my last was a sniper with the Canadian special forces. I don't know exactly what it is, but a man, in uniform, prepared to put his life on the line...someone who knows what needs to be done. Someone who protects the innocent.

Then there's the firepower. Maybe it's not PC but that cold steel in the right hands - mmm, mmm, mmmm. My marshal source says they are his prized possession...anything from his 9 mm to his .45.

He also sent me a pic of himself in tactical gear. Guess what got my attention first?

Yup. Jeans and that big ol' holster gripping his thigh.

It's adolescent and silly and very shortly in the WIP, the hero will "come out" and the heroine will see him for the first time in gear. When I watched "First Responders", that UNIT episode last night, I knew that Nate had to come out with a leg holster on.

I'm attaching a pic of Jonas in camo and a holster. It's the best I could find, and I'm not going to post a pic of my research source because I'm not sure he'd be comfortable with that and besides his buddies would bust his chops big time. So this pic will have to do.

Now - in the comments - tell me what tv heroes you like and what is it about them that makes them special?


  1. THE BAMBER!!! There is no need to justify thise


  2. LOL, Bids you're right, no justification necessary. I mean that jawline, gorgeous blue eyes, tightly packed body...and I have to say, BSG is a treat because his bum looks SO good in a flight suit...or out of it....not to mention his character being deliciously twisted at times and so noble and heroic at others...

    God, we're shallow.

  3. Ever watch Alias? Forget Vaughn (Michael Vartan's character--don't get me wrong, he's hot but...)I was so totally into Jack, Syd's dad. (played by Victor Garber) Something about the cold set of his eyes and the stoney expression and knowing that badass though he was, he was also a marshmallow underneath. I spun many a fantasy about ol' Jack Bristow. hehehehe

    Currently I'm totally into Jim, Melinda Gordan's hubby on Ghost Whisperer. He's a firefighter/EMT but he's also a total sweetheart of a husband. And HOT!

    Good googly moogly, Donna. Now you got me drooling. lol

  4. If I could get past Jennifer Love Hewitt, I'd watch that show. I've only ever watched one episode. And that was because of that week's guest star....talking about coming full circle...Jamie Bamber. LOL

    But I agree...what I saw of her hubby is HOT.

    And there's nothing bad about going for the older guys. Can't believe it really but Dennis Haysbert is 53! And gosh, then there's Mark Harmon in NCIS....

    Now I'm drooling....