Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Monday

Oh, what a morning. It started with me stepping on the scale. Let's not go there.

We have a brand new pc, which is great, but which created lots of problems for me this morning. First of all, I needed to print something very large from Adobe...only with the change over we no longer had Adobe reader. I went to download it and something went hinky and it took me half an hour of precious time to get a download done and working.

So I start printing. Things are zooming along and...

Spontaneous reboot.

Get things back on track, only to have printing suddenly go all smudgy and icky. This is not a good thing. I want to have this document in the mail this morning along with other things all done up and ready for the post office. I try cleaning the cartridges. Try aligning them. Nada. Smudge city.

I took the girls to school, incredibly frustrated. No joy after that either so I left it a while and had a brainstorm. I hadn't put the settings to grayscale...perhaps it was the colour cartridge acting up since I had printed an e-mail just fine. Voila! Printing restarted.

Now, however, I can't find my favorites file...I know it's on the pc somewhere...and I'm having to remember passwords all over the place this morning.

Things are looking up though. I got an envelope of promo items for my booksigning in the mail, I talked to the bookstore and confirmed everything, sent an interview I did over the weekend, and then...tried to update my webpage and it's not working. My frontpage files are changed. Publish the site...font issues and my changes are not there. I'm hoping it's just a server issue.

I did have the onerous job of googling photos this a.m. and what did I find but the very picture I wanted for my earlier post on Leg Holsters.
There's a shot in the opening credits of THE UNIT that shows them walking across the tarmac that's even better, but this one will surely do. As Jonas would say..."How 'bout that."

I'm off for a week, hopefully although I'm checking in occasionally...gonna have to check in and see what my guest bloggers are up to....

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