Thursday, April 19, 2007

Il Divo!

Last night, despite the weather going for a crap, I went to Il Divo's concert! I've been waiting what seems like an age to see them live!

Well, there was a lot of good and a bit of meh, so here we go.

First of all, the opening guy is a pianist and he's great, but he's the same dude that opened for Josh Groban 2 years ago and much of the material was the same. So I was a little disappointed not to be hearing something new. took FOREVER for the concert to really get underway. Over half an hour between opening act and main event.

Complaint number one....why bother having a jumbotron in the stadium if you're not going to use it? For the first bit, there was nothing. There was a fabulous orchestra, some lighting and the boys in the middle of a rather sparsely set stage. I'd forgotten binoculars so not having any big-screen visual was really disappointing. We later assumed this was a technical problem because after several songs in, suddenly a screen came to life behind them. Only 1/3 of it was blocked by the big-ass speakers, but still we were so glad to have it that was a minor detail.

Complaint number 2...they had 5 cameras appeared one for each of the guys and one near the orchestra, but dude I do a better job with my videocamera and NO tripod. A little disappointing, really. So let's just say the Visual Entertainment backdrop portion was a little lacking.

But you know, all this was made up for by the great music. Have to say that Carlos and Sebastian have the best live voices....Carlos damn near flawless. David had some upper register issues a couple of times and Urs went pitchy a bit...but hey, that's live. I wouldn't mind dancing with Sebastian, as he wiggled very nicely during "Un Vida Sin Amor" and they played a lot of favorites. Lots from their first and second albums.

All in all it was worth braving the weather, traffic and crowds. And once they got the cameras working...let's just say I STILL love Urs, he still has SKL and...oh...heck, he's just YUM. Enough that I'm posting a pic and he may be renewed hero material for future books.


  1. Glad you had fun! He is a little hottie. Yum-O! ;-)

  2. Was at the same show and I totally agree with all your issues. I saw the "boys" last year in Vancouver and they were much more polished then, it's as if they think the production dept. didnt have to try hard because the show was sold out this time around!!