Monday, April 09, 2007

The Glamorous Life of an Author

Over the last week, we've been doing minor renovations.

When I say minor, I mean that we didn't tear out any walls or anything. We did, however, have some adventures and misadventures.

Let me start by saying that for anyone who thinks authors have some sort of glamorous lifestyle, you did not see me walking into Home Depot on a Saturday evening in paint and grease stained scrubs, a hoodie I've had since 1990, and messy hair shoved into a ponytail. I'm sure the two guys that helped me with my ceramic tile dilemma/debacle thought I was out to lunch - rather, I was just at the end of my rope. And they were rather nice and demonstrated that there really are some nice people left in the world (thanks guys!).

It all started with "your new windows are coming". The husband had to take off a row of tile around the bathroom window and also fix some drywall at the bottom of the living room windows. The living room went fairly smoothly. However one row of tile didn't come off too well as he'd glued the hell out of it when he'd replaced the wall a few years ago. This time chunks of drywall came off, so a list was procured including new tile, a sheet of drywall, grout and sealer.

He had 50 tiles left from the last time so got half the wall done, opened the new box and discovered they were a quarter inch smaller than the others. So off to Rona I go, to pick up a new box. Got the box home and we discover that THIS tile is 2 mm thinner than the original. Back I go again....only to be told THEY CANNOT MATCH IT. So I went to Home Depot and met the two lovely men who probably thought me crazy.

I bought the wrong GFI and lightswitch too. Got that rectified. Painted trim and chair rail on the weekend.

The bathroom window went in, as did the kitchen and dining room window. Yee haw!

Then Monday came the living room windows. It had turned cold - and snowy. Not only that but the installers had to "build up" the window since the new was smaller than the old (we got the longest they made). But they had to build it up much more than expected, and had to drywall. I took one look at it, knew my husband would blow a gasket, and issued a cease and desist order! They cut the trim and left it, and the husband did a fabulous, if LONG job of crackfilling and sanding several coats and painting the wall for the second time - a coat of primer and THREE COATS of paint. We also painted the bathroom and put up the chair rail, and gave the other living room, office and hall walls a fresh coat of paint - the same colour, but a lovely pick-me-up. He also went to grout in the bathroom and realized he'd bought MAPLE coloured grout! Back to Rona I went...again....

In the kitchen, dh ground out the old grout and regrouted the backsplash, and we painted it. Also took off all the closet doors and painted them too.

Finally, by Saturday night at 11, we had it done and started putting things back together. It is nice to have the house back although I'm exhausted, and there are still several small jobs to be done. THe good news is, once I make it through the list, I will have spring cleaning done with the exception of the bedrooms. Hooray!

I also had church three times over Holy Week, the kids are off on Spring Break for this week as well as last, and yesterday we went out of town for a lovely Easter Dinner with friends.

I added over 2k to the WIP today, and I'm incredibly happy with that. All things considered!

FINALLY, I can't sign off without offering HUGE congrats to fellow romance authors Trish Wylie, Ally Blake, Natasha Oakley and Shirley Jump who all finalled in the HOLT award. WTG girls!

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  1. Oh someone else who can totally understand that a 'quick project' on the house is never that! :) Seems whenever we start something, something always invariably is off and we end up doing as you did - making a ton of trips to the store and back! Glad its all back in order!