Friday, April 27, 2007

From Ireland to Canada With Love...

Donna Alward is lovely you know!
(isn't that how you wanted me to start this Blog Donna??? Cheques in the mail you say?)

She is though. When she IM'd me to ask if I'd like to Blog today I said I'd LOVE to. And not just because I never get invited anywhere anymore...(reclusive-cave-dweller-writer-disease) But because I feel very priviledged to be here and if it means she gets her work-a-holic good wee self a few days off then I'd Blog the whole flipping week. Mind you, that way I'd never get invited back again.

Donna's always but an IM away from a chat or a joke or a picture of a hot potential hero and you kinda gotta love that in a friend you've only ever met through cyberspace...We reclusive cave dwellers value our IM Buddies...

Especially when a reclusive cave dwelling single writer gets asked to write a pregnant heroine book. And that writer doesn't have the first notion what having a baby is like! Apparently wandering around the house with a pillow stuffed up my jumper wasn't giving me enough detail - so Donna very kindly filled me in with all the details. Now - y'know when you sometimes ask a question and you then wish you'd never asked??? Yes, all you mother's out there are smiling about now, aren't you? TMI as my neices would say - too-much-information. Necessary yes. Helped me write a convincing story, I hope. But really - eeeeewwwwww.... (another neices phrase) I still wonder to this day if my heroine isn't as fiesty as she is as a result of my rebelling on her behalf for what she was about to go through. I personally never plan on sitting on a toilet seat again - cos that's how it happens, right? Hey - I'm a good Irish girl - My mother told me that! So it must be true...

So I thought I'd bring you some pics of the part of the story I was comfortable with. Horses. And these are all extra special pics just for Donna - to say thanks (no really - thanks hun - even if you did have sooo much fun telling me I couldn't up the sexual tension that soon after the birth!) -'cos these pics, never before seen a-la-internet, are all personal pics. Yes - that is teeny me holding the great big scary horse. And yes - that's me again wearing my 'concentrating face' as I send my horse over the jump that was waaayyy bigger than I'd hoped it would be - and last but not least we have my very beautiful Charlie - the one true love of my life. Who, if he'd been a man, I'd have married and lived happily ever after with. He listens to me waffle on for hours and never interrupts, he takes me out on treks to let me think through a book plot when I get stuck, he lets me cuddle him when I'm in need of some lovin' and every once in a while he does something just so incredibly cheeky that I can't help but laugh, even if I'm feeling low. And he's just soooooo handsome. Well, when he's clean he is. Perfect male. Just two legs too many.

So Rescued: Mother-To-Be (which is on the shelves now - plug-plug-plug) is a bit of a joint effort. Donna helped me with the ikky pregnancy stuff and I added all the lovely horsie details. We're one heck of a team really! And I hope we'll be friends for a long, long time!

So Donna-ettes - have you made any special friends like mine through the internet? No - not that kind of special friend - a romance community buddy. Cos aren't they just the friendliest crowd on the net??? I tell ya what - I'll even pick one of you to send a copy of Rescued to, how's that sound???

And if you're currently sitting at your computer screen thinking 'Who is this insane woman?' then you can pop by My Website or come join my usual place of insanity at My Blog.

Thanks for the invite Donna! And if you're reading this you better be operating the mouse with your nose! You're supposed to be RESTING!


  1. If you promise to say I'm lovely you can take over my blog any time you want, Trish!

    You know, that look of concentration is exactly the one you have when you're writing. How funny! (Though she does it plugged in to her 'mood music'.)

  2. You want me to *fib* to your blog visitors??? LOL I've seen you crack the whip over those children of yours!

    Nah my writing concentration face has puffier cheeks (filled with chocolate...)

  3. Hi Trish,
    What a delightful post! Donna is lovely and intelligent. She likes my excerpts! LOL

    My romance buddy is Stacia Wolf. She keeps on me to meet my writing quota daily. Yes, I'm a slacker. I'll admit it. Also when I needed help with my new book, she gave me some creative ideas. Plus Donna has told me to get busy and write!

  4. Diane - sounds to me like you and Donna will be friends for a long while to come! THATS EXACTLY how I met her! I liked her excerpt and emailed her... lol...

    Aftre a difficult book at the tail end of last year I took a *break* of a few weeks and didn't write a thing. And I have to say it was a bad decision for me... When I came back to it I was *rusty*. I think writing is a bit like a sport in that sense. If you don't use the *muscle* every day then it aches a bit when you start back into it. So now, even if I'm between deadlines I'll still write a few hundred words and I've found it means when I have a goal/deadline to be done by it means I'm better able to sit down and get the work done! So I think your cp and Donna are right! Even if its only a few hundred words you still gotta keep going...

    GOOD LUCK with the WIP!

  5. I met a great person over the internet(someone I knew was related to this person) and we communicate with e-mailing; we send each other encouraging e-mails, humorous ones, uplifting ones, messages of comfort, etc. I was privileged to meet here and her dh last summer and we still communicate via e-mail. She was a doll in real also.

  6. Hi Robyn!

    I think thats one of the loveliest things about the net, isn't it??? People you might not ordinarily have ever met - the net has made the world a smaller place they say...

    I'm hoping to get to meet Donna face-to-face for the first time this year and I CAN'T WAIT! I just think of all the times I've wanted to be able to give her a hug - in good times and bad - and it'll be nice to actually manage one!

  7. Trish, Rescued Mother to Be was wonderful! I'd forgotten that Donna helped with the preggie stuff.

    Speaking of meeting lovely people, I've met you and now you've had Donna send me her wonderful Hired by the Cowboy. BTW it's a wonderful and tender love story as well.

    And as for Donna being lovely so are you and you've brought so many readers and authors together with the Pink Heart, Natasha, Ally, Jenna, it's a wonderful place to meet and share thoughts!

    So from the USA to Canada and the UK, I'm sending my love and friendship!

  8. GOD, what a lovefest. Aren't we the best people?????

    Thanks Trish for blogging...honest to God I didn't pay ANY of them a red cent....

  9. Hello Marilyn!!!!! EVERYONE should send books to you for review if you ask me!!!! You put in so much time and love to what you do and don't for a second think that we writers don't appreciate that kind of investment and the honesty! You're ONE-IN-A-MILLION! And ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE of the kind of friend I've made through the net who I can't wait to meet IN PERSON! Look after you!!!!

    We're just so glad that everyone has taken to the PHS with so much enthusiasm! Otherwise t-wud just be the five of us there chatting to ourselves! It's the members that make it what it is.... ;)

    And Donna! NO CHEQUE??? *splutter* Well - I'd better get you over to the the PHS in May to Blog in return then! Mmmm?????

  10. Anonymous9:52 a.m.

    Trish -- thank you for being a guest blogger on Donna's site. I just wanted to let you know that I read "REscued: Mother To Be" last weekend, and it was wonderful! You did a fantastic job. I loved the banter!

    Donna, I sincerely hope you had a wonderful vacation and that you have sufficiently recovered to attack your next WIP!

    Love, Jamie


    It's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS great to hear when someone enjoyed a story! Doesn't matter how many billion years (do I sound at all hopeful there?) you're writing - it still takes just a line or two from a reader with a kind word for you to feel better in the reclusive-writer-cave and think 'Thats why I do this - I'll struggle through this difficult one now...because you've given me a little faith'

    And BANTER??? Aha - ahahahahahaha NOW WE'RE ON MY TURF.... (I've already had to apologize to my good friend Jenna for Dallas this summer BEFORE we even get there... cos I *know me* and when I get nervous - well - out come the one-liners.. POOR GIRL - I'll let you know later in the year where to send the sympathy cards)

  12. Robyn - would you like to email me a snail mail addy through my webite at and I'll send you a copy of Rescued???

    And Diane too! Just COS...