Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Embrace change - A P.S. to the Construction Zone

I'm heading into the ending of the WIP and I sent chapter 11 to my cp. She had an issue with the timing and suggested a small tweak.

I knew things weren't quite right, and I was okay with whatever she would send back as I know her suggestions make for better books. In Marriage at Circle M, she suggested a different setting for the ending and it worked wonderfully. Other than the first three chapters, I think I probably revise endings more than any other part. So I was prepared for her e-mail.

It wasn't so long ago that the thought of restructuring the last few chapters and changing the ending would have thrown me into a panic. But let's remember that the goal is to write a solid book. The best book I can. If that means retooling parts, then so be it. Her "small tweak" started a germ of an idea which will translate into the last three chapters being changed significantly.

WHAT is going to happen isn't changing much. The plan is still the same. But HOW it all enfolds, the timing and the pacing...that's going to get played with. I need to write down a sequence of events for the final 24 hours so I have it all clear and then I can start shuffling things around and adding as I need to. I can see the book getting tighter already and this excites me. No panic.

This might also be happening because I don't have a firm deadline. Although I DO want to get this done this week. I really don't want to take a week off and have to come back and write ONE chapter. And I'm supposed to go on a field trip tomorrow although the forecast is heavy snow and it's at the bird sanctuary, so maybe it will be postponed.

Regardless, I can work on the weekend and on Monday.

Anyway the whole point of this post is not to get too attached to your words. Words can be replaced. Just because you created them doesn't mean they deserve to stay...not if there is a better way. Have an open mind, look for the BEST way to do things and then do it. And maybe even do it's worth it in the end.


  1. "Just because you created them doesn't me they deserve to stay"

    More good advice. Assuming we all want to do our best, we probably assume that everything we write is our best. Nope.

    Made me think of guests at a party. You wanted everyone there. You invited them. But once the party got underway, you realize, alas, that not all your friends and family mix well. You try to make it work. You like them all so surely they should all like each other? Doesn't work. And that's okay.

  2. The best changes are the ones you wholeheartedly embrace and that feel right for your characters.