Friday, March 02, 2007

Rites of Romance Review

I just found the nicest review for Almost A Family. This might be the nicest compliment made not only on the book but my writing in general and so I'm going to post most of it here....

Alward did a great job writing a story about a love that was abandoned but never forgotten. Her settings were believable. Whether in a house that was messy from the normal daily use of a three year old and baking cookies, or sledding on a snow covered hill to the atmosphere of a sterile hospital. These situations were well described and easily visualized. The conflict was not only conceivable but totally understandable, leaving me hoping Jason and Molly could come to an understanding. Even the voice of the story was straight forward and clear.

Sometimes we read stories that have a setting that makes you feel like you're right there. Other times it's the voice of a story that just sucks you in and keeps you there because you fell like it's all written just for you. In this case, it was the conflict and resolution that got me. I really enjoyed this story because of how the conflict developed and unraveled. The only problem I had was the time line of the story. For me the six year separation was just a little too long. Considering how short the story was Alward did a fine job. I especially loved the resolution. She had me right there with the characters holding my breath. By the time I got to the epilogue, I was so happy that I didn't even need to read about their happily ever after, which of course was there. The sexual tension may not have been overly steamy, but it was steamy enough that I got the point. I'm looking forward to her next story.

What a lovely way to start the weekend!

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