Thursday, March 15, 2007

Great reading!

I don't read as much as I used to, it's true. I spend so much time writing, that I read less. I read a good half dozen novels a year simply from critiquing, usually another few for research and craft. But this year I agreed to participate in Harlequin's 10 000 Book Challenge as part as the Harlequin Author Team. The idea is for individuals or teams to band together to collectively read 10 000 books this year. It's been very good for keeping me reading regularly.

Now I'll never come close to Jenna Bayley-Burke's insane total, but I AM reading more.

In the past week I've read both The Nanny and the Sheikh by Barbara McMahon and The Valentine Bride by Liz Fielding, so I could finish up the Bella Lucia series.

Then, yesterday I read all of Vivi Anna's debut Nocturne, Blood Secrets. It was AMAZING. What a fabulous story!

And today, in the mail, my CP, Michelle Styles, sent me two of hers. My first copy of A Noble Captive went missing in the mail last fall, but she put another in with her newest, THe Roman's Virgin Mistress which comes out this summer. I read both of these before revisions and polishing so I love reading again to see where things have changed and experience the excitement all over again!

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