Thursday, March 22, 2007

Falling For The Marshal - the WIP

I'm really getting into the new book. I may be an "auditory" person, but I do start off a book with a hero in mind, so I'll post my picture of Nate Griffith, US Marshal just because I haven't done it in a while.

The current chapters could be crap - well, maybe not crap, but they might be "off", who knows...but the good thing is, I like my characters, I'm really becoming quite partial to my hero, and things are ticking along quite nicely.

I'm also at about the half-way mark. I'm sitting at just over 20k, and usually my first draft comes in at about 42-43. Considering I'm half way through chapter six, this is just about right.

Now, this is the third pass at chapter 4, and the information there doesn't actually make an appearance until chapter 6 now. Some of the info from chapter 5 is sitting in a deleted stuff file and will likely come back in late chapter six, chapter seven. I have to have the hero gain the heroine's trust first.

Honestly, the hardest part in this "middle" has been deciding how to structure what needs to happen. And not to rush it (see construction zone post on pacing, since I've been rushing and not savouring).

All in all I'm in pretty good shape as I have a month or so before I want to have it finished.

I hope to finish six tomorrow, and then get some housework done. This weekend I'd love to catch up on some reading...I have an e-book I've been meaning to get to and haven't, as well as a tbr pile that grows faster than it diminishes.

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