Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back into the Saddle

You know, after a while you start to notice patterns in yourself.

I have now learned that once I finish a partial, I rebel at starting chapter four and inevitably take a break. I also know this is not necessarily a good thing. I sent my partial to my editor last week and then critiqued, wrote my library talk notes, attended a book-signing, drafted my newsletter, blogged on the construction zone, read a couple of books, and wrote the better part of an article for my local RWA chapter.

But I can't do that forever, and today was the day I launched into chapter four.

Launch is too strong a word! LOL The reason I shouldn't take a break is because I lose momentum. I have to go back and read the end of chapter three, and try to get back in the swing of things. I should just soldier on, but for some reason it always goes this way.

Anyway, after critiquing the ending for my CP's latest, I settled in and wrote a little over 1000 words. Not great, but could be worse. Tomorrow will be better.

What else new? Well, I sent out review copies of Hired By The Cowboy and was surprised at how inexpensive the postage was. It was a nice bonus. And this week is crazy with drama productions and birthday parties but it is all in good fun.

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  1. And your cp was very glad of your comments. Truly. :)

    I always have to go back and reread everything if I take a break like that. For some reason I see things in a different light, can make different connections. Sometimes bits are hidden that I had not even realised.

    But your marshall one is going to be heart renderingly good.