Friday, February 16, 2007

Tagged! Sigh....

Kris is just doing this in retaliation for my vent this morning on IM, I know it. But I'll oblige anyway because I'm not in the frame of mind to do anything serious this morning.

Ten random things about who you're tagging and their names, go to their blogs and tell them they've been tagged and then to read your blog....

1. I put my scrambled eggs on TOP of my toast and jam.

2. I got caught for speeding 2 weeks after getting my driver's license, because I didn't want to miss curfew. I missed it anyway.

3. I can't sleep if my feet are cold.

4. I procrastinate by picking split ends off the bottom layer of my hair.

5. I've been stung three times in my life. Two of those times, it's been in my ass.

6. I've been a Jamie Bamber fangirl for three years. Ok, this one isn't so much a secret.

7. As a teenager, I had an unconscious habit of dating my best friend's least SOME of the time. :-)

8. I organize my alphabetized information BEHIND the letter, not in front of it. Drives my husband crazy when he looks for something in the recipe box.

9. I have ugly feet.

10. When I eat chicken noodle cup-a-soup I drink all the broth and strain out the noodles with my spoon - and then eat the noodles last.

I'm tagging:

Michelle Styles
Trish Wylie
Julie Cohen
Fiona Harper

Funny enough all these people are trying to meet a deadline right now. :-)


  1. I will try to do this.

    Umm but why it is odd to file things behind the letter? I always file things behind the letter.

  2. Love the new layout! It's perty. :-)

  3. I just realized I file behind the letters, too. Why is that a bad thing??

    And I know you still lubs me, even when I tag you... :D