Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, and a new look!

Ok, so yes, I'm having trouble focusing on a new WIP while waiting to hear the verdict on my latest offering. So I've been tinkering with my website and stuff and not learning as much about html as I'd like and perhaps too much about how I'm easily frustrated. Baby steps, I guess. One of the things I'd ultimately like to do is have my blog and website more unified...if not identical, then at least some sort of unity. This is my latest attempt - changing the look of the blog and colour scheme just a bit. Bear with me as little changes may continue until I'm happy. I do think, however, that the purple is here to stay. LOL

The good news is, I AM making progress on the new story, and I think it shows some promise.

Other things happening this week are Liz Fielding's Q&A on the Fractured Family at e-harlequin, and this month is the Romance Launch Party on the Pink Heart Society yahoo loop! A huge contingent of Harlequin Romance authors are present and talking about the exciting merger which blends Silhouette Romance with Harlequin Romance into one super-duper line!

And let's not forget, today is Valentine's Day. Are you doing anything special? My husband and I tend to keep it low-key. Although I confess to sneaking a note and a small treat into his lunchbag today when he left for work! :-)

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  1. I know, hate me if you want, but I tagged you. :)