Friday, January 19, 2007

First Draft Complete!

I finished the first draft of Home Fires last night and my cp has already sent it back, so I'll be tidying that up today.

On Monday, I'll start editing and layering. I also have a scene to add, so with the layering, my word count will be fine. Considering how pressured I felt, it's incredible to me that I wrote chapters 5-14 since Dec. 27.

Now...for the pic. I hesitate to post one of myself (I'm not very photogenic) but I do have one of the stack of hardcovers.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. Sue Child10:32 a.m.

    Beautiful cover, Donna! Can't wait 'til May to get my hands on yours and Michelle W's.

    Yay on finishing your first draft! I'm about to keep our cp busy by sending her another chapter, too *gg*


  2. Maybe this is a stupid question, but are all author copies of Harlequin books hardcovers? I thought you just got paperbacks like the regular folks buy in the store.

    Personally, I would very much prefer hardcover 'cause paperbacks can be damaged easier.

  3. Marissa, it's not stupid. Believe me, you learn a lot once you get into having to DEAL with it.

    HBTC comes out in hardback first, and a few months before release. So that means HBTC is released in March in that format. My contract states I get 6 copies of it.

    A few months before mass paperback release (which is May), I'll get my softcover editions. I also get a couple of copies of any other editions - so let's say it's translated in Italian - I'd receive a few of those too.

    Clear as mud? LOL


  4. Looks awesome! Congratulations!

    Good for you on the writing!

  5. Looks beautiful, Donna! Congratulations.

    Jess x

  6. Huge congrats on your first pinkies my darling!!!! There's nothing like holding the book in your hands is there???

    Traditionally the hb's are for Libraries... hence why they are fairly limited edition... And when you get all your pb's a month or so before release (probably end of March) you'll get that box of US books where your names is HUGE on the cover!!!

    The post is gonna get waaayyyy more interesting from now on...

    And I'm trying really hard to be chuffed you're finished your first draft so far ahead of deadline. No really, I am!

  7. Donna - it's a truly beautiful cover. Enjoy every minute of this exciting time. And big congrats on finishing under pressure - amazing effort. jx

  8. They look lovely!

    All the Pink Ladies -- as the librarians call the women who check out these books out ( and they are the backbone of the UK library system) -- will love it I am sure.

    It will be about the smae in March that you get your next box.

  9. Anonymous3:29 p.m.

    Donna, I love the cover. You must be so proud.
    Mary Eason