Friday, January 12, 2007

The Cosmos is laughing at me

Because after yesterday's "I have it all figured out" post, I got my crit back and pretty much have to rewrite maybe 2/3 of the last chapter.

My CP is right, and the truth of the matter is this book is one big fight from start to finish. When I get down and out I'm reminded of Trish's O'Reilly's Bride, which she terms her "pineapple". Horribly hard to write but when I read it I bawled buckets. I don't think she could see how good the finished product was because it had been so challenging. I'm finding HF challenging in the extreme. Fingers crossed that when HF is finished and revised it will be the book it needs to be. That others will see what I can't seem to as I'm hammering it out. Some books are MCM. Others are pulled out with blood, sweat and tears (and not the good kind)and that's HF.

I heave a sigh, go to have breakfast and face what needs to be faced.

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