Thursday, January 04, 2007

Congrats to Michelle Willingham!

Michelle has a new 2 book deal with M&B Historicals!!!!!!

She sold her second and they bought the third blind - apparently just from proposal. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

Congrats... I think we all knew when she sold that it was only the beginning and things would take off very quickly.

I am making progress. I realized tonight I have 27 days to finish HF and ironically enough, about 27 000 words to write. Technically that's 1k a day, doable, right? But I need editing time and I don't usually work that translates a little closer to 2k a day.

It will get done.

Also sending out fortification in the way of cyber hugs to Michelle Styles as she's going into unchartered territory tomorrow in the way of photographers and interviews. Ride the PR pony, BABE! LOL

I shouldn't make fun at all. My turn is coming, and I think PR is one of those necessary evils all authors must face.

Now...back to previously scheduled 2k. :-)


  1. Good luck on reaching your 2K a day! I tend to do always just think of it in terms of getting that first draft done - not including the editing - which for me is not so much about grammar as making sure the sentences are 'right'. A much longer process than just viewing the grammar! Have fun writing!

  2. You go, Donna! I've got a similar amount to write too. Must stop procrastiniating and actually sit down and write today.