Monday, January 22, 2007

Cataromance Readers Choice Awards

It's that time again. Time to nominate your favorite book of 2006 for the Best Book of 2006. There are dozens of categories and hundreds of wonderful books to nominate. Learn how...

Voting will be done via the database at our readers Yahoo Loop this year for easy counting. You must be signed up with the group in order to vote. To sign up, go to: and click Join This Group or send a blank email to:

Once you're a member of CataNetwork-Readers go to:

There will be several databases for you to choose from. You can nominate a book in each category. You may not nominate the same book for the same category more than once. (IE. You can nominate Wonderful Book by Susan Q Author for the Best Ebook of the Year and the Best Paranormal Ebook of the year, etc. but you may not nominate Wonderful Book by Susan Q Author for Best Ebook of the Year more than once, or in any category more than once.

How to make a nomination: click the database of your choice (IE Category Romance). Fill in one of the following in the first column (this is so we can keep track of who's voted and make sure that you're nominating fairly) your email address, your yahoo ID, or your CataNetwork Message Board username. You should use the same form of ID each time you nominate a book. Then start nominating books in the other columns. Look at the top of the page to see which categories are available for you to nominate in. We need the TITLE and the AUTHOR's NAME.

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  1. Thanks for sharing how to do this!