Thursday, January 18, 2007

And so it goes (on)....

More good news for my friends and family and all other Canucks!

The Girl Most Likely is available on!!!!!!

The shipping time is considerable, but it is there, you can pay in CAD, and have it sent right to your door!

The link to the correct page is HERE.

Hired By The Cowboy is also available for pre-order. The hardcover is available March 2nd, so ostensibly you could order both and have them at approximately the same time. AND...if you bought both, I believe you'd be eligible for free shipping (as the hardcovers are considerably more expensive). BUT you'd be getting HBTC a good two months before the masses. ;-)

Are you sold yet? LOL.

Of course, amazon being what it is, TGML and HBTC are ALSO available on the site. Click on this link and be immediately tranported!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a pic of me holding my book. That's if I can bribe my daughter to take the picture. :-)


  1. Yay! Donna! Congrats on all the good news you've had, hun. :-)

  2. Awesome news, Donna!

    You deserve it, you've worked hard for it, sit back, relax and pet that cover!