Monday, December 18, 2006

The Week Before Christmas

Well, holiday stress has greatly dissipated after last week. Concerts are done. We had our "wing nite" finally with our friends on Saturday, the gifts are bought and I just have the tiniest bit of wrapping left to do, which I will do this afternoon.

All in all it's a good thing, because on the work front I'm busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

My copy edits for Marriage at Circle M arrived on Friday, and less than 24 hours later, so did the ones for Almost A Family. While contractually I have more time, practically, because of the holidays, both sets have to be back in this week. Not to mention whatever else I had on my list to finish book-wise this week.

I did sneak some time here and there and spent time with MCM and my red pen, so this morning everything got finished up and sent back. I also heard back on the partial for Home Fires and I'm good to go - now to just finish it! I'm on to the second set of edits now, as long as my eyes don't permanently cross. LOL.

The good news is, thanks to the husband's help, the house is considerably clean and we did up all the laundry yesterday. We should be good for the week, and then we can do our Christmas clean on Saturday. :-) I also have to make christmas dinner dessert.

Pop by and leave a comment as to what you're doing this week and what traditions are in store for Christmas Eve and the big day!


  1. Glad everything's going so great. I know it must be a relief. :-)

    Wish I could say I'm doing something exciting this week but alas, it's nothing but work. Well, till tomorrow, anyway. As for Christmas plans, I'll go out to my folks' house on the Eve and spend the night. Christmas Day will be a big ol' family mess with sisters coming in at odd hours, a slew of dogs and lots of delicious food.

    Oh...I also just read the first two chapters of your free read. They're excellent! I can't wait to see what happens next. ;-)

  2. Hey Donna - sounds like you're busy!

    We bought our two youngest bunk beds yesterday so we're gonna spend the day rearranging their bedroom, etc. I also need to clean, bake cookies, finish wrapping presents, etc. It's all managable. I'm trying not to stress. LOL

    My mom's bday is Sat. so that kicks of the three days of celebration at my house!

    Merry Christmas Donna!