Monday, December 04, 2006

Pity Party

Ok, so the on-again off-again bug that hit late last week has dug in for the duration. I woke up yesterday feeling, as my husband puts it, like five pounds of $hit in a three pound bag. I coughed so much in the morning I threw up. I went to the walk in clinic and an hour and a half later returned home with antibiotics and a cough elixir that has enough codeine in it to put a horse in a coma.

But today I still feel like utter crap. The husband is mended and had to go back to work today, so I had to walk the kids to school and I made a detour to the office to leave messages cancelling my day tomorrow. I was going to volunteer in 2 classes and work the lunch room in between. And the party is tonight, which I backed out of as well. The cough is still so bad that this morning my throat was actually bleeding. I came back from dropping the kids off and took a 1/2 dose of the elixir and made tea. Hopefully I won't pass out while writing this post. :-)

Anyway, I've enough to do this week that between that and the bronchitis, I'm going into the cave. If the antibiotics work wonders I shall pop in to post but if I don't I'm either working or sleeping. THe good thing about doing what I do is that I can work for an hour, sleep for an hour. And no one is annoyed by my barking and whinging.

For those of you on my newsletter list, don't fret, it's coming this week with some fun things in store for December! How glad am I that I drafted it earlier and now only have to tweak it a bit? :-)

Also pop over to my CP's blog for her great news of today. She's much more interesting than I have been lately.


  1. Hugs Donna, feel better soon!

  2. ((Donna)) Hope the cave provides you with some restorative rest.

    Jess x