Friday, December 29, 2006

A correction and progress

In an earlier post, when I was accounting my TBR pile, I listed Her Mother's Shadow as being written by Diane Craver.

As it turns out, Diane Chamberlain wrote that book. And it's still on my TBR pile.

But thanks to Diane Craver for visiting my blog and finding the error! LOL

I am making progress on the WIP. I am in the hardest section. Usually it is chapter four, but this book it has taken it's time appearing and has waited until chapter six. I'll likely have another block/difficult chapter around 8 or 9...and then things seem to come together for the end. Middles are hard. So much balancing...your conflicts are established, but now you have to keep conflict going while developing the romance...resolve things and all the ooomph goes out of your book...too much conflict and it's hard to root for the characters....urgh! Picture me pulling my hair out.

But I know my cp will point me in the right direction and I can fix what I need. It'll all come together in the end. And after some layering, I know that truly, I'm almost half way there. I usually end up somewhere between 12 or 13 chapters.

Meanwhile, come back on Friday...which is really only a few hours from now. I'll be posting the FINAL CHAPTER of THE MISTLETOE MEMOIRS on my website.

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