Wednesday, November 22, 2006


While I was away, I set up a lot of my favorite shows to tape. Grey's Anatomy, for one. And I am still giggling at Patrick Dempsey. His line - "Have you tried soap? I hear it's good and slippery." was delivered with such a cute, impish expression I rewound it and watched it a good half dozen times. Then there was NCIS. THe dynamics have changed a bit this season and it throws me off a bit...but I like the development of Tony's character, and I like how McGee is getting more buff...You know Sean Murray is actually quite cute!

I taped Battlestar and honestly I'm ready to see more of the humans and less of the cylons. And More.Lee.Is.Required. I have it on good authority there is an episode where Jamie and Tahmoh box. DROOOL!

But the best show I taped was The Unit. While I was gone it was a "Bob" episode. It paralelled Bob's current "pickle" with how he made it through selection into The Unit...somethine we hadn't seen before. He was the newbie to the team last year and now we know how he got there. There were some good one liners courtesy of Bob too. And last night's episode - Report By Exception - was AMAZING. I felt totally gypped at the end. Dennis Haysbert was SO HOT in this episode, and at the end he unbuttons his shirt, peels it off his shoulder and....

credits. Sigh.

His character, Jonas, is usually the "dad" of the team. But last night he was the leader of the mission and so incredibly hot....

Have I said that he was hot?


I've finally sunk my teeth into the new book, which is due January 31st. It is a good feeling to be working, although my contracts are due anytime and I'll have to take a break to go over things, etc. And I'll have some work to do on the January Samhain release. Still, if I can manage 1000 - 1200 words a day, I'll be in good shape. With the kids in school, and me not working lunchroom, it should come much easier.

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