Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

My revisions are almost there. I have to give a final readthrough to make sure things are seamless and make sense, but the bulk of the writing of them is done.

I love my editor. And that's no exaggeration. I was in the middle of the trickiest part yesterday and sent her an e-mail. She responded, putting my mind at ease. She is very good at that. One of the things I really appreciate is how she's so upbeat and positive. Even when she sees problems, she offers solutions. She makes me see possibilities. If I'm feeling blah about something her enthusiasm is infectious. Working with her has been nothing but fun.

Yesterday was frantically busy, and I was all sixes and sevens in the afternoon, working at the school on Halloween (what was I thinking?) and then our own halloween evening...but when dh took the kids out, I finished up the 30 pages I had left. When he returned I was a different person. LOL I watched tv until 11. Last night was my fave tv night. Dancing with the Stars, NCIS and The Unit. Tonight is the DWTS results show...and Il Divo is performing!!!!!!!!!! I love them, so I must tape it. I can't wait.

Now I'm off to do the school run and back to finish up. I think I shall change the font of my ms document for the read-through and see if the perspective changes. I'd print it out, but I don't think I have enough paper left in my brick. :-)

One more thing - it is Samhain Publishing's first anniversary today! Pop over to the cafe and join in the festivities!

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