Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fangirly SQUEEEE!

I have tickets to see Il Divo!

THe show's not until April, but even by the time I got online to buy them the first night, the seat selection was limited. Anyway it won't matter, everything will be up on the screens and the big thing is to HEAR them. As Carlos would say..."I'm very happy!" LOL

My contracts also arrived yesterday, so getting those ready to mail is first on the list.

But, the husband is sick which isn't much fun. He was laid flat on the weekend with fever and general ickiness, then the cough started. Yesterday I took him to the dr. and for xrays, and he has bronchitis and is on antibiotics. FUN. I had taken the morning off of writing to get my out of town shopping done, which I did, but I missed my weekly volunteering session in dd1's class, so that's on the agenda for this afternoon. Add that into getting this partial ready to send to my cp by tonight and to my editor by tomorrow night, plus getting the boxes together and heading to the post office, and the state of my house....well, I'll see you guys again on Friday. Maybe.

And we're at the end of a deep freeze here. One bonus to him being sick is that I've had a vehicle, which is good because with a windchill in the -30 something range all week, I've been able to drive the kids to school instead of walk.

Ok, now I'm off to get to work - no more fooling around!

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