Monday, November 20, 2006

Back in the saddle

Wouldn't you know. I spend a week acting like a total child, get home and my body decides to do the exact opposite and go all OLD on me. I've thrown out my back. I am using the excuse that sitting so long in extremely uncomfortable airplane seats is the culprit. Right now I could kiss and hug the agent in Calgary who upgraded us on the way to Orlando. From Denver to Orlando we had more leg room than I knew what to do with. Alas, not on the way home.

One nice thing is that I came home to two new reviews for The Girl Most Likely. Love Romances and More gave it 4 hearts and had this to say:

"Author Donna Alward has given readers two characters that truly belong together even if only one of them thinks so. The attraction is very intense, but this isn’t an erotic story. It is very sweet. There is true romance and very little sex, which is very refreshing, kudos to Ms Alward!

This reviewer was impressed with the idea of the restaurant that Katie came up with. In this day of fast food and convenience, it is a wonderful idea to have food that is not only healthy and convenient but yummy too. And Katie isn’t afraid of hard work.

THE GIRL MOST LIKELY is a wonderful book that should not be missed. This reviewer is very impressed and will certainly look forward to future offerings from this author."

What I love about this review is that the reviewer totally gets how I write sexual tension. My romances are "sweet", but I really try to keep that edge of tension all the way through, and it looks like I did my job! And of course, I don't mind garnering a new reader either!

THEN, the icing on the cake, was my review from The Romance Studio.
It got 5 hearts! WOOOOOOOT! The reviewer says: "Ms. Donna Alward, author, did a superb job of writing this story. It was compelling and I really had a hard time putting it down. The book left me wanting to know more and trying to find other books by Ms. Alward. You will definitely not be disappointed if you read this book!"

To read the whole reviews, just click on those links (the ones for the review sites in the body of the post).

Now...I have tons to catch up on. Tomorrow I'll post a few pics about my trip. And oops - I almost forgot. Look at this picture and see if he doesn't remind you of the hero on my AAF cover below:


  1. Congratulations on the great reviews, Donna.


  2. Ouch! on the back. Hope it's better soon.

    Kudos on the great reviews and the fun in Disneyworld. :-)

  3. Mmm, he does look very similar! Who is it?

    Congratulations on the wonderful reviews :)

    Jess x

  4. Jess, It's Nathaniel Parker. Inspector Linley. :-)