Wednesday, November 08, 2006


*taps fingernails on desk*

I am antsy. I'm in that limbo point where I'm not really working on the WIP this week (for reasons that will become obvious in the near future, how's that for cryptic?) and I'm waiting for a few things.

First of all I'm waiting for my contract to arrive from Toronto. Now I realize it could be a few weeks but last time it was here within 3 days and I'd love to be able to mail it back by Friday.

Secondly I'm waiting for approval for my cover of Almost a Family, my Samhain January release. I've seen it, I like it a lot, but I need to get the official go ahead before I can post it on here.

You know, I'm not a violent person but this morning I got really annoyed. This guy is dropping his kid off at school (not our school, the other one) and pulls up and stops RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSS WALK. Then as I'm walking home, he goes to turn and cuts me off at the alley. Dude, pedestrians have the right of way. Get your head out of your butt.

Tomorrow is my last day at the temporary school job. It's been fun being back and I'll miss seeing everyone (just like I did before) BUT I will not be sorry to have my day back for writing again.

Now I'm off to hound the e-mail some more. Stay tuned because I can't wait to post my cover!

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  1. girl, with all the babies we seem to have going on, you CANNOT be cryptic. Geesh.