Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When it all comes together....

I'm feeling particularly squishy towards my CP Michelle.

She sent back chapter 12. Axe the epilogue. Layer layer layer chapter 12. Small tweaks, I promise.

Then she threw in, how about changing it to a neutral location instead of where I set the final scene?

As a throw in, that's a damn good one. Because I did that and suddenly everything came together.

Now, it certainly took more than small tweaks. It took a heck of a lot of revising, but suddenly an ending that yesterday was "meh", became RIGHT. I cried. I cheered, dancing in the kitchen.

I still have to "edit" chapters 3-12, but that's perfectly ok. When I send this later this week, I know in my heart that for better or worse, I am proud of this book. In fact, I'm now so excited I can't wait to get it all put together so I can send it to my editor and see what she thinks.

I loved Hired by the Cowboy. It is a special book, special enough that I rewrote it in its entirety because I thought it deserved to be told. But Marriage at Circle M is equally as special to me in its own way. Mike and Grace are real people to me that deserve to be happy.

Michelle, you're a gem. I hope you don't get tired of me saying it.

In other news, my brother will be in town this weekend, for work but he has about 24 hours where he's free before he flies out again, so I'll be seeing him for the first time since my Gram's funeral a few years ago.

Now I have to get some stuff edited...because I also agreed to do some temporary work at my old job, and I have to be there in an hour. :-)


  1. Yes, but it is what you do with the suggetions that counts!

    It is a good read, and I am sure will be an even better one once it has been edited, gone through the revisions process etc etc. You should feel proud of it.

  2. I 'heart' Michelle too. We should all form a fan club. Lol