Friday, October 13, 2006

The Weekend, New TV and Benefits

I forgot to post that it was Friday today and so the was a short week this week, but filled with lots of things to do.

On Sunday night, I'm singing in a benefit for Hospice Calgary. The proceeds of course will go to their organization, making things easier for cancer patients and their families. Hopefully I won't get too nervous and forget any of the words, LOL.

Other than that, I'm almost finished the first draft of my WIP, with only the very end of the last chapter and an epilogue to if I get a chance on the weekend, I'll be finishing that up.

I'm also enjoying fall tv. Grey's is great, I'm enjoying NCIS a lot too. I actually really liked the shows where Tony took the lead when Gibbs was gone...I'd like to see more friction between them. I'd like to see Tony save Gibbs when Gibbs makes a mistake. Anyway, onward. Battlestar Galactica's season 3 debuted last weekend with a two-hour opener. WOW. I am constantly astounded by the depth of the writing, the directing, and the willingness of the writers to tackle really hard subject matter. The fact that the humans started using suicide bombers? DARING. And while we feel their desperation, the Chief sums it up with "There are some things you just don't do Colonel. Not even in war." I'll be glued to the SPACE channel on Sat. night.

My other MUST WATCH is CBS's THE UNIT. I just want to get up and kick some ass during each and every episode. Tuesday night's epi looks looks like a tribute to Katrina.

It's also our anniversary this weekend, so I'm predicting a night in with wine and movies, since we were away last weekend and sort of blew our cash. :-)


  1. Hi Donna, Glad the writing is going well and happy anniversary.

    P x

  2. Hope you managed to get it wrapped up.. and Happy Anniversary!