Wednesday, October 11, 2006

There's One in Every Book

One what, you may ask?

One bloody chapter that just will NOT seem to go my way.

You know as I get closer to the end of this manuscript, I was really really hoping I was going to get through without such a chapter. But nope, it looks like it's going to be chapter ten. I started it, hated it, and started again. Wrote the bulk of it, knew it was wrong, went back and revised it. Sent it to my CP - and I need to revise it AGAIN.

However I'm sick to death of this chapter right now and so instead of labouring and cursing over it further at this moment, I'm simply going to push through and finish the first draft of this book and then go back and look at the last 3-4 chapters. After that I'll go through the whole thing and layer, and then there'll be one more "polish" read through before I send it in next Friday.

Thanksgiving was fun. We went to Kamloops, BC to visit family. I did lots of walking which I hoped might counteract the eating we did but no such luck. I did have fun walking though. We took the kids through the hills near my bil's house, and then twice I took their rather large dog out for a good 45 min. walk around the neighbourhood. It's very hilly compared to where I am so at least my legs felt good. But boy, I've got to be a lot more diligent and ramp up the workouts. I did buy some arch supports for my running shoes which I hope will help with my arch pain so I can get more cardio in.

Otherwise, I've got my butt planted in this chair. If I'm not back by next Friday, send in the Mounties. :-)


  1. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. We had wonderful weather for the holiday weekend in Ontario, but now Fall is setting in--cold and rainy. Yuck!

    Good luck with finishing your ms. Wish I had your persistence.


  2. Oh, and by the way... you can't have MY Mounties.

    Because I said so.