Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Samhain Books in Canada!

One of the other Canadian authors for Samhain discovered her book available at Chapters Indigo online. I checked too and other authors are featured. Now bear in mind that this is only for the print version, not the e-book of course. But it is BRILLIANT news that they are carrying them. When The Girl Most Likely and Almost a Family come out in print form, people will be able to order them from Chapters instead of having to go through a US company and worry about customs, shipping, and exchange rates! TGML should be available just before Christmas, the official print release date is Dec. 19. And Almost a Family will be released in print on the third Tuesday in May if things stay on schedule!

Now, if they started carrying them in-store I'd nearly die of happiness.

It is onward with the ms. Slight problems with my chapter nine but nothing as disastrous as I envisioned. LOL I need to get through the next chapter or so and then I'm close to the ending and the pace *should* take care of itself as things come to a head.

In more boring but happy news, my Battlestar Galactica Season 2 dvd's came yesterday. And season 3 starts Saturday night, squeeeeeeee!

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