Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So I don't know if it's submission jitters from handing in MCM, procrastinating starting something new (I still make myself write, lol), or hormone fluctuations, but I'm on an organizational kick.

One thing most people don't realize is that just because you've sold a book doesn't mean you're swimming in moola. Without mentioning exact numbers, I can tell you that category romance advances do NOT make you rich by a long stretch. And royalties? Well guys, my first release comes out in May and I won't see royalties until probably a year after that. Right now every little bit I bring in is BONUS money. Even if/when I do really get a good head of steam going, I doubt I'll ever have a big salary. A very nice second income for the family? Maybe. I hope so.

But for right now, we're still basically a one-income family. And so my latest "organization" project is our finances.

I started reading David Bach's "Start Late Finish Rich" book last night. Will I implement every single thing he says? Nope. But I'm only half way through and I have found a few really solid ways to make what we DO have work harder for us. Most of all, we need to start paying cash for stuff.

The first thing to do is really find out where you're at. Then you can look at where you're going. By January 1st I plan to compare right now with where we are then and see how much we've improved matters. And yes, that means over Christmas too. Yikes!

Here's hoping the "kick" lasts, because I still haven't finished spring housecleaning. LOL BUT, all I have left is to wash the bathroom walls, and clean out the cupboards in there. Otherwise, everything else is done.

I managed a solid 1000 words on the WIP this morning too. Slow and steady. I still have Thursday and Friday to finish this chapter. Which is good, because I plan to send it to my CP on the weekend, as long as she's finished her revisions.

Right now I'm off for work. Catch you on the flip side!

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