Monday, October 16, 2006

New Author Profile

My new author profile is up on E-harlequin! There is a slight error - it says I live on a ranch, which I don't. Maybe I was channelling, because I'd love to have acres and acres. LOL You can see it HERE.

This week it's finishing the book and subbing it, working on Tuesday as I'm still listed as an "on-call" for my old job...and my galleys came for THE GIRL MOST LIKELY print version. My release date is official...DECEMBER 19th! So right after I deliver MCM, that's what's on the agenda. I have a smaller, special project coming up and then the plan is to have the next book for Romance in by Jan. 1. I wanted it to be earlier, but then realized I'll likely have revisions on MCM, and my revisions and copy edits for ALMOST A FAMILY, which comes out at Samhain the first week of January. Never any shortage of work! But it's all very exciting.

And don't forget to pop over to the Pink Heart Society, because it's just so darn fun!


  1. Oh Yay! Donna! That is soooo cool! :-)

  2. Busy busy busy!! Can't complain though, huh?

    Congrats on the Harlequin profle. Too exciting. :)