Monday, October 30, 2006

Into the Cave

I did NOT want to think about what might be in my revisions e-mail, and I also wanted to have things done so I didn't have to do them this week. I wanted to be able to FOCUS. SO this is what I did this weekend.

Saturday morning I washed all the bedding, tidied up from breakfast, dug out the Halloween decorations and we put them up. Then all of us took in our recyclables, dropped by the bank machine, recylcled some old computer equipment and went to the dollar store.

After lunch, the husband and I cleaned the house. In addition, I washed the walls and the cupboards in the bathroom - officially the END of spring cleaning, LOL! I took clothes off the line. I worked out. I folded towels and put them away. I organized the very few christmas prezzies I had. And I did the ironing.

Yesterday was church. In the afternoon we got groceries. We had homework to get done. Dh carved a pumpkin with the kids. I got craft stuff ready and the girls and I made ornaments for the church bazaar coming up. We had supper and tidied up. Phew!

AND, my revisions came this morning. As revisions go they are is a tweak through a few scenes and the other is a layer to add...but it may take me some time. Adding a whole new layer and motivation affects the whole book.

SO, I'm taking the week to do them, and I'm heading into the cave. I shall emerge by Friday. If I don't....and Kriss BACK OFF - send in the mounties. Or maybe cowboys would be more appropriate. LOL

Grabs flashlight and heads fearlessly into dark revision cave....

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  1. *blinks innocently*

    I'm wounded, Donna. I really am...