Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Need to Read More

I'm not sure how to fit it into my day, but I need to read more.

I used to devour books. I really did. But since I started writing, that has slowed to a crawl. Especially the last year or so...between working part time a lot, writing, kids, the house, choir, etc. etc. the list goes on, sometimes I just need to veg in front of the tv. And even when I do that, quite often I'll have knitting in my hand.

But I do need to read more.

On the PHS today a member posted that she had a spreadsheet to track her TBR pile. I think that's possibly a bit anal but really smart and organized. I have books sitting around that are not organized AT ALL. So, I'm starting a TBR list. I think I'll put it on my webpage too, the next time I update. And then, once I finish one, I'll check it off. For the record, for the most part I am not including most category length in here because usually I impulse buy those and devour them in a few hours. They are lovely little morsels for me. BUT, without further blathering, here is my list of what's on the shelf and not yet tackled:

Start Late, Finish Rich by David Bach - half done
Friendly Fire by Michael Friscolanti - half done
A Tangled Web by Lucy Maud Montgomery
A Noble Captive by Michelle Styles
There's Something About Christmas by Debbie Macomber
The DaVinci Code
Angels and Demons both by Dan Brown
Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherford
Complete Stories and Poems by Edgar Allen Poe, which I shall finish nevermore.
Middlemarch by George Eliot
Romola by George Eliot
Her Mother's Shadow by Diane Craver

Then there are other non-fictions that I should read just to LEARN - I usually buy these through my daughter's scholastic book orders, because they are simple, not university depth texts, but give really nice overviews. So far I have

Usborne Introduction to Art
Usborne Introduction to Archaeology
And bigger tomes of "Don't Know Much about Mythology" and "The Handy History Answer Book".

I think I've about maxxed my book budget for a while. LOL

So there it is, for the record. Oy.


  1. Donna, what a cool idea! I may post my TBR pile on my blog soon. I do like talking about what I read....

    Do you think there's something about the "half done" books that has been failing to drag you back? Or are they just unlucky, because you're that short on time?

    When I first started Stephen King's THE STAND many years ago, I set it down for a week or two. No good reason. Then I picked it up again and DEVOURED it over the course of a few nights. I remember being up at 2 AM going, "Wow! There goes another 100 pages!"

    So I know it's not always the book's fault....

  2. No, I just started Start Late Finish Rich and Friendly Fire is amazing, but really long and with deadlines and family stuff, I haven't read as much as I should.

    AND, I read Jessica Hart's latest in there too, one of those morsels I was talking