Thursday, October 19, 2006


My sequel to Hired by the Cowboy, is GONE. As in sent to my editor, complete with suckopsis.

She e-mailed this morning saying she was "desperate to read it" after having read the partial. That's good news...she liked it! But in the back of my mind is this little crow cawing, "What if she's disappointed?"

ANYWAY, when I look back over the last few months, I feel pretty damn good. I wrote this book from inception to completion in the last 9 weeks. In addition to that, I did second round edits on TGML, copy edits on TGML, first round edits on Almost a Family, my Samhain January release, AND did up a proposal and first chapter for a special project that Samhain is putting together, and which I should hear soon whether or not my story's going to make it in or not. AND, we were away for 6 days this month. So not bad, all in all!

I'm taking tomorrow and Saturday off, and then Sunday afternoon I'll probably start my galleys for the print version of The Girl Most Likely. The print release date is December 19...more info on that as the time gets closer.

To celebrate this ms being FINISHED, I'm posting a pic of Max Martini, one of THE UNIT boys. I was reminded how much I love his character in last week's episode. And he made the PERFECT casting inspiration for my cowboy hero, Mike Gardner. So THANK YOU MAX!

Have a fantabulous weekend, all. I'm off to celebrate.


  1. Hooray you! That's a lot of work accomplished. Pat yourself on the back, woman.

  2. Hey, Donna, Things To Do has a print release date of Dec 19th!!!!! How cool is that!

  3. Hey, I saw that Nell. You and me and Kim all have print dates, since we all released the e-version in September. Tres cool!

    I am agonizing over my sub already. Ggggg. But my house is clean, and I have fresh buns and chocolate cake. :-)

  4. This week's episode was good, wasn't it??

    Very cool about your editor being desperate to read your book!

  5. Yay Donna! That's fantabulous news, hun. :-)