Thursday, September 14, 2006

Write A Book and the Chapter 4 slump

One of my cp's and friends, Trish Wylie, is doing something cool on her blog. She's starting her new ms for Modern Extra, and she's holding a "Write A Book with Trish" workshop.

I'm not exactly at the beginning of my book but that's ok. I can tinker with the "assignments" as they come, working them in to where I am in my own projects. If nothing else it's renewed motivation to get cracking with both my mss. I managed nearly 1800 words yesterday which is a good day. My goal is 1000 - 1500. Any time I get more than that...without them rushing out and needing serious a bonus.

Right now I'm on chapters 4 and 5. I do not, as a rule, like these chapters as far as writing them. I always get a sense of completion after chapter 3 and then chapter 4 feels like starting over again, if that makes sense. In chapters 4 and 5, pacing is critical. You have to take the set up from chapters 1-3 and now use it to build on both the conflict and the attraction. For me, these two chapters have a tendency to go flat. So I have to watch this very closely. I'm sure when I send them off to be critiqued, there will be a number of comments. That's ok. I am resigned to the fact that I must, can and will, fix them.

I did realize yesterday that I'd started chapter four in the wrong place, so I went back. And the slump has nothing to do with my characters, thank goodness. I still love them as much as ever. But pacing, conflict, emotion...those are the key things I need to keep going. Once I get past the next few chapters, things tend to take care of themselves as the pitch rises through the second half of the book.

Maybe Trish's workshop will help me with that, too.

In other news, I've just been in contact with a Canadian Military research source, which is very cool. I wouldn't mind having my hero be a former sniper. So in honour of that....I told you I had lots of pics....


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