Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What to do when characters don't cooperate

The honeymoon couldn't last forever.

Up to this point, my characters have been very obliging. My hero's been tough, tender, and delicious, at least to me. My heroine has been spunky, down on her luck, and helplessly attracted to the hero. But now, she wants to do something I never planned on her doing.

She wants to have sex with the hero. I mean she always did, but she wants to go through with it. So now I have a choice to make.

Do I listen to her? Or do I ignore her and beat her into submission?

My cp says to remember I AM GOD. I could get drunk with power and let all that go to my head. But the point is, I am writing this story, so ultimately I craft it the way I want. The question is, do I want to weild that power, or do I listen to what my heroine is saying to me?

The key to letting them do it is making sure all the motivations are there. It has to make sense. It can't be arbitrary or a "get it out of my system" thing. It has to be for the right reasons. And it has to complicate things rather than resolve them. Sometimes the sex all of a sudden takes the tension out of the book. They've done it - now what?

My heroine is a careful character. She's played it safe. She knows it's wrong to pursue anything serious with the hero. So what prompts her to do this has to be mighty big...and it is.

As you can tell I want to do it. I think it can really add a whole other dimension to the story, and can deepen the conflict rather than resolve it. So this once I'm going to listen to her, give her what she wants, but on MY terms. If it works, fabulous. If it doesn't, then that's what the delete button is for and I will have learned something new.


  1. Smart move. The characters are usually pretty smart when it comes to telling you what they want. I've discovered that to be the case, anyway, in my meager little writing attempts. ;-)

  2. Dang those mouthy characters, not knowing to stay put! ;-)

    Honestly, listen to your heart ... plus, remember that when sex enters the picture, everything changes in a relationship -- it could add tension to the conflict.

    Good luck!