Sunday, September 17, 2006


Write a Book with Trish is in part 3. And now that we've done up our character sheets, and the casting (which oh my was SO much fun), her next topic is setting.

I've known WHERE this was going to be set for some time.

I needed a military base close by, so I picked Base Gagetown in New Brunswick, just outside my hometown. A more detailed setting is deciding where your scenes will take place. Many of them will happen at my heroine's house. She lives there with their daughter, and it is a real home. My hero hasn't had a home like that in some time, and so the atmosphere and tone of it really matters. In juxtaposition to that is HIS home. He will be renting, his apartment will be functional and sparse. It will be a reflection of his military life. And a reflection of his life...functional, but devoid of joy. Other scenes will take place around the area...which leads me to a linked subject being TIMING.

WHEN is the story going to happen? What season? And this is important. The book I'm writing now (MCM) is taking place in the fall. I love the fall. It's my favourite season of the year. It woos me. And my characters are being wooed into falling for each other, even though they've known each other for years. It's a time of harvest and completion and nesting. Both things that are important thematically in this book. I can't say more without giving away huge conflict points away, but fall just WORKS for this book.

But the new book, (FhF)will take place in the summer I think. While the hero is burdened, I really feel like the heroine and her daughter have to represent the fun, light-hearted feel of summer. Lemonade and swimming pools and the smell of cut grass. LIFE. And that's something that the hero finds he's lost sight of. Besides, the Saint John River is stunning in the summer, beautiful, with the lush green grass and towering trees along the banks.

So, now I have setting and my season set for my book....I wonder what Trish's next stage will be? I'm not sure... but I'm relatively sure that later this week I'll be blogging about RESEARCH. Because I'm doing lots of it for this particular project.

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  1. I've been amazed how often I've been caught out with my timing. I had my heroine smelling honeysuckle which wasn't in season!!!

    I'm wondering where Trish is going next too...